function gallery_prettyPhoto ($content) { // add checks if you want to add prettyPhoto on certain places (archives etc). return str_replace("(.*?)#s", "", $css);' ) ); //FORCE GALLERY TO HAVE NO LINE BREAKS, allows for max columns.. :) function gallery_columns($content){ $columns = 0; $pattern = array( '#(\[gallery(.*?)columns="([0-9])"(.*?)\])#ie', '#(\[gallery\])#ie', '#(\[gallery(.*?)\])#ie' ); $replace = 'stripslashes(strstr("\1", "columns=\"$columns\"") ? "\1" : "[gallery \2 \4 columns=\"$columns\"]")'; return preg_replace_callback($pattern, $replace, $content); } add_filter('the_content', 'gallery_columns'); ?> Lost Password ‹ Pets Health Supplies Inc — WordPress

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